General Description of the Project

World population is growing enormously and there is an increasing demand for more food production. Consecutively consumption of meat and other animal products continues to grow considerably. To be able to satisfy this higher demand for meat products, global and EU animal food production are undergoing major transformations that has revealed industrial livestock-related health and welfare problems. Being directly related to population health, such issues need to be resolved.
In this regard, the combination of new technology with biology offers high opportunities for EU in terms of realizing and implementing directives in different applications as well as in economic terms. To develop new products for bioprocesses, the combination of biological knowledge with expertise in technology should be fastened.

An obstacle however is that people educated in biology are not aware of the possibilities of modern technology. At the same time technical people developing technology are not participating to the world of biology, bio-informatics and bio-processes. The main objective of this project is to train biological educated people (veterinarians, biologists, physiologists, bio-engineers, biomedical scientists, etc.) to collaborate with technology driven people and make them familiar with modern technology. This is done by training them in research, product definition and development, marketing and sales for bio-business in EU.

General objective

General Objective of the BioBusiness Project